Call for Papers – Emerging Pacific nations

Call for Papers – Emerging Pacific nations – July 10th and 11th 2013

Concurrent symposia with the 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress
At University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji – July 8-12, 2013

This is an opportunity to speak to a Pacific audience and engage with colleagues
on the theme “Emerging Pacific nations”, which may seem redundant when USP is
supported by 12 regional nations, but clearly decolonization is both a recent
phenomenon and unfinished business in the Pacific. The theme is wide open –
women’s organizations, disruptive bishops, resource exploitation, West Papua,
Rapanui and other territories, squatter settlements, commerce – nominate your
favourite topic.

The “Emerging Pacific Nations” panel will take place all day on Thursday 11th
July, with each speaker allocated 30-40 minutes and there will be time for
plenary reviews and discussions. Places are limited as we are restricted to one
full day. So far we have confirmation from Dr Paul D’Arcy, Prof Grant McCall, Dr
Harald Werber, Ms Samantha Rose, Ms Kirstie Barry, and Dr Max Quanchi.

Send your topic, abstract (100 words) and a bio (150 words) to

This activity is organized as part of the Culture and Gender Theme, of the 12th
Pacific Science Inter-Congress. Your registration in the “Emerging Pacific
Nations” panel will also be a full registration for the PSI Inter-Congress. The
Convener of the “Emerging Pacific Nations” panel is Dr. Max Quanchi, History
Discipline, School of Social Sciences, USP.

Abstract Deadline: March 31

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