Work Packages

ECOPAS follows a three-year innovative and ambitious work programme involving the formation of a Consortium consisting of the four leading centres for Pacific research in Europe (BPS, CREDO, CPS, CPAS), the premier research university of the Pacific Islands region (USP) and Papua New Guinea’s most prominent policy research institute (NRI). The creation of this consortium is primarily designed to establish and institutionalise a strong and sustainable community of Pacific scholarship in Europe, closely connected with the Pacific institutional scene, for the EU Commission to draw on in the long term.

The fundamental impact envisaged for the ECOPAS work programme can be summarised as follows: ECOPAS will enhance the understanding of the Pacific contexts for developing and situating policies on climate change. This work programme is progressively and logically described through seven interconnected Work Packages, each directed by one the project’s partners :

  • WP1: Management and Project Coordination
  • WP2: Resource Sharing and Database Building
  • WP3: Knowledge Exchange: Research Policy Interfaces for the Pacific Context
  • WP4: Pacific Contexts: Cooperation and Capacity Building
  • WP5: Strategies for Pacific State and non-State Involvement
  • WP6: European Research Networks and Major Thematic Conference
  • WP7: Research Agenda for Policy Making