WP2: Resource Sharing and Database Building

In order to establish an enduring network of high-quality social sciences and humanities scholarship on climate change in the Pacific, ECOPAS work must include efforts of building a digital infrastructure dedicated to these issues and made available to the wider community.

The Consortium has therefore designed WP2, coordinated by Participant 2: the Centre de Recherche et de Documentation sur l’Océanie (CREDO) based at Aix-Marseille Université in France. In addition to being the major research centre in the social sciences and humanities on the Pacific in France, this participant has long-standing experience in creating and managing complex digital infrastructures.

WP2 will support the entire Consortium by managing its activities and productions and by guaranteeing an integrated, fast and efficient access to information by all participants.

WP2 will also create a consolidated database system for climate change research in the social sciences and humanities and beyond at pacific-studies.net. The aim of this database system will be two-fold. It will enable the identification and the access to various areas of expertise associated to Pacific climate change. And it will enhance the visibility of the Consortium in order to attract the interest and participation of collaborating scholars, Pacific peoples, stakeholders, decision makers, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and the general public.

Download the comprehensive WP2 presentation leaflet in PDF version: WP2_leaflet_light

Download the WP2 leaflet about the pacific-studies.net framework in PDF version: WP2_Leaflet about pacific-studies.net