WP3: Knowledge Exchange: Research Policy Interfaces for the Pacific Context

The Consortium has designed WP3, administered by Participant 3: the Centre for Pacific Studies (CPS) based at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, to design and develop knowledge exchange interfaces between social sciences and humanities (SSH) research on Pacific climate change and the European Union (EU)’s policy-making work in the Pacific context.

This work package occupies a central position and a coordinating role in the ECOPAS work programme as it is undertook in tight collaboration with all the participants in the Consortium and it builds relations with relevant EU units based in Europe and in the Pacific.

A key feature of WP3 is a series of problem-based workshops for SSH researchers and policy makers, in which the specific considerations and challenges of the Pacific context will be foregrounded. These knowledge exchange events will include Research Networking Problem-Based Workshops and Policy roundtable Problem-Based Workshops. The Research Networking events will draw in a cross-section of SSH expertise, with participants being identified by collective efforts and engaged by video-conference. The Policy roundtable events will coordinate a dialogue between the European Union’s attempts to connect development ideas to Pacific ways and Pacific attempts to connect to development initiatives. They represent an innovative engagement between academic researchers, policy makers and the civil society.

Through these events, WP3 will develop both the conceptual and inter-personal frameworks to accommodate and combine SSH concerns, EU policy concerns and the concerns of Pacific research institutions.