WP6: European Research Networks and Major Thematic Conference

Coordinated by the Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies (CPAS – ECOPAS Participant 6) at Radboud University Nijmegen, WP6 is designed to support the European Union and its partners to define the Pacific as a “climate change global priority”.

It features a major conference in Brussels mid-2015 focused on social, cultural and political aspects of climate change in the Pacific, which will be joined with the 10th ESfO conference in order to secure a broad platform of European and Pacific participation. This double event will bring together all ECOPAS participants, collaborating scientists, other experts on the implications of climate and social changes in the Pacific, and interested parties from the relevant departments of the European Commission (EC). It will include five plenary sessions related to the Pacific as a climate change global priority; up to twenty-five working sessions on the links between climate change and important issues such as conflict and stability, gender, migration, governance, resource-management and economic development; a number of public events relating to the “Pacific Connections” proposed by WP3; round-tables for the EC delegates, non-state actors, grassroots movements and the media; and performances of Pacific art.

By creating interfaces between researchers and the European Union, as well as between researchers, the media and the general public, WP6 will create an entirely new platform for communication.