WP7: Research Agenda for Policy Making

At the Universitetet i Bergen (UiB) in Norway, the Bergen Pacific Studies Research Group (BPS – ECOPAS Participant 1) is responsible for the coordination of WP7, designed to define a relevant and forward-looking social sciences and humanities research policy agenda for the Pacific region. This long-term agenda will be presented to the European Commission when the ECOPAS work programme is completed.

This last of seven work packages will sum up, report and evaluate the outcomes of the entire ECOPAS work programme, draw conclusions about the collaborations established by the Consortium, and formulate statements based on the consolidated institutional platforms and knowledge exchange flows created by the ECOPAS project.

The ultimate achievement of WP7 will be to connect more effectively European research on the Pacific with policy makers’ needs as end-users; its main challenge will be the development of frameworks and approaches to make these end-users aware of the value of continual research in Pacific studies.